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Recently grabbed some stills using natural light and a softbox. This shot taken at the window was desaturated in post-production, as it featured a clash between natural blue, ambient light and the orange artificial light being produced by the street lights outside. In this instance, black and white covers a multitude of sins I committed with my lighting. Typically, this type of shot is taken on a cloudy afternoon, but I attempted it around 9:30pm. As a result, I bumped my ISO right up, resulting in a slightly grainy image. Modelling in this picture was perfect though, with a contemplative facial expression and strong pose.

The next setup saw me use a softbox to photograph the model. I used a Raleno softbox, which maybe proved a little heavy handed, but the shots were saved by some excellent input from the model and her solid intellectual process. My home is pretty much all white and lends itself to this type of clean look. The chair by Crea also proved an effective set dressing.

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